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Calming the Chaos

Calming the Chaos is a podcast by Licensed Mental Health Counselor Tracy Kenela. She uses profound and often humorous stories from her own life to illustrate how chaos can show up, and how emotional it can be! Anxiety, depression, fear, worry, shame and overwhelm can be managed using a variety of simple tools, skills and techniques. Tracy uses her experience as a counselor and her own personal work to provide you with hope…as well as some simple coping techniques, support and encouragement... that will help you move toward a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

Feb 12, 2021

Episode Title: “The Chaos of COVID-19”

Intro: In this episode, Tracy is live on YouTube, talking with Sarah Lipton, Author, Public Speaker and Podcaster. Sarah talks about how she and her family have survived COVID-19 using a method of “leaning in.” Join Tracy as she and Sarah discuss how they have calmed their chaos during COVID-19, and about how both of them are learning to “lean into chaos.


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Tracy also created a mindfulness CD called “On This Day.” This CD teaches you how to practice mindfulness in less than 10 minutes throughout the day. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and increase clear thinking in times of chaos.

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