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Calming the Chaos

Calming the Chaos is a podcast by Licensed Mental Health Counselor Tracy Kenela. She uses profound and often humorous stories from her own life to illustrate how chaos can show up, and how emotional it can be! Anxiety, depression, fear, worry, shame and overwhelm can be managed using a variety of simple tools, skills and techniques. Tracy uses her experience as a counselor and her own personal work to provide you with hope…as well as some simple coping techniques, support and encouragement... that will help you move toward a more peaceful and enjoyable life.

Jun 17, 2020

Episode Title: “Social Chaos” By Tracy Kenela, M.A., LMHC, CRC, CEDS, ACHT of Lokahi Counseling

Intro: Tracy Kenela is the founder of Lokahi Counseling and Calming the Chaos Podcast. In this episode, Tracy discusses how people in our society can cause other people mental and emotional chaos. She begins with an overview of the civil unrest and social chaos that is currently happening as a result of recent events around the world, including racial discrimination and law enforcement which has resulted in international protests,  violence and hate. She then presents some insights about how we can calm the mental and emotional chaos that happens when we the people are faced with these social issues.  


  1. What is currently happening in the world?
    1. Two deaths on film of black men by a law enforcement officer
    2. Outrage from citizens of international communities
    3. International protests (peaceful and destructive)
    4. Hate, fear and Civil Unrest


  1. What is Going on here (mental health perspective)
    1. People see what is happening and are outraged, saddened and afraid for their lives
    2. They begin to think in terms of survival – reptilian brain
    3. Emotional Mind prevails over Reasonable / Factual Mind
    4. Attacking and Defending Behaviors based in fear happen over social media
    5. Social Media fears and differing opinions spread and hate results
    6. We as a society become more divided instead of more connected


  1. “Houston… (and Minneapolis, Atlanta, Seattle, Tulsa, Washington DC, London, New York City and other cities)… WE HAVE A PROBLEM!”
    1. We first need to acknowledge we have a problem
    2. We then need to decide where we stand (continuum): ß--------------------------------------à

                          Hate                                        Love


  1. Some tips for survival
    1. Listen to all perspectives with an open heart and mind
    2. Check your sources for facts before you go onto social media and react or re-post the ideas of others
    3. Choose to educate others….and….choose your battles wisely (“Wise Mind”)
    4. Engage with each other respectfully, being mindful of the rules of anger:
  1. Don’t hurt yourself
  2. Don’t hurt others
  • Don’t damage property
  1. Don’t get arrested
  1. Recognize your own privilege


  1. Getting Involved: Three stories Glass, a nail and a cat
    1. Glass
    2. A Nail
    3. A Cat
    4. Bottom Line: Even the best intentions can bring you harm.
  1. Listen much
  2. Think about where you stand before you speak
  • Respect the rules of anger
  1. Try not to judge, but to understand varying points of view
  2. Respect the limits of others and take care of yourself!


  1. Final story about the 2016 women’s marches
    1. Check out the audiobook I created afterward called “Beyond Words”
    2. Pilot copy will be released chapter by chapter on YouTube



  1. Wise Mind is from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, developed by Marsha Linehan. Find out more by accessing the following link:
  2. “Speak little, listen much and be slow to anger” is from the Bible, James 1:19

  1. “Do not judge” is from the Bible, Matthew 7:1-6




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